Human, all too human

DATA: 2017

NOME DEL FILE: Human, all too human.pdf

AUTORE: Friedrich Nietzsche

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Whether all three thinkers deserve the label (Heidegger, like Camus, flatly rejected it) is a matter of some dispute, and yet, the BBC documentary series Human, All Too Human, named for Nietzsche's 1878 collection of aphorisms, loosely uses the term to tie them together, acknowledging that it had yet to be coined in Nietzsche's time.

In Friedrich Nietzsche: Basel years (1869-79) …his aphoristic Menschliches, Allzumenschliches (Human, All-Too-Human) appeared.Because his health deteriorated steadily, he resigned his professorial chair on June 14, 1879, and was granted a pension of 3,000 Swiss francs per year for six years.